Classes 2020

      Music Theory (NEW)

Now offering group and private music theory classes. Music theory is great for all ages and levels whether you’re just starting out or studying music at school. This class is a great way to stay on top of your classes and help understand not only your voice but your instrument better. Students will learn how to read and write music, rhythm and pitch, key and time signatures, and proper music terminology all in a fun and relaxed environment. This class is encouraged for all vocal students.

Special introductory price: Private $15.00 30 mins Group: $10.00 30 mins



Learn a wide range of genres, styles and techniques and share your love for music in a fun and creative environment. Have the opportunity to showcase your talents on stage as well as in the classroom.
Special introductory price: $12.00 1-hour class.

Group Keyboard (expression of interest)

A great way to still learn at your own pace but in a group environment. Classes will be split into stage 1 and 2.

Senior band 13/o
Cost: $18.00 per 1 hour class

Junior Band 8-12 years 

Cost: $16.00 per 45 min class


Musical Theatre

Discover a whole new world of performing arts with musical theatre. Have the best of all worlds with a combination of singing, drama and dance. Students will be taught to step outside their comfort zones and step into a wide variety of characters. Students will learn every aspect of musical theatre including staging and the ins and outs of a perfect performance. This class will also get the chance to perform in all studio concerts. Cost: $15.00 per 1 hour class


Little Starz

Music games, creative activities, use of musical instruments and music education are a FANTASTIC way to introduce your Little Star to music and performing. This class will also be a part of recital’s and our end of year concert.
AGE: (3-5yrs)
COST: $12.00 30min class


Vocal Blitz

Our Vocal Blitz class is a great way to build self-confidence whilst having fun at the same time. Students will learn basic vocal technique such as correct breathing and vowel placement and will learn a wide range of upbeat modern pop and musical theatre songs. Basic movement and stagecraft will also be taught throughout the year. This class will also be a part of all concert performances.

Sub Junior: 6-8 years
Cost: $12.00 per 30-minute class Junior: 9-12 years
Cost: $14.00 per 45min class


Vocal Group

This class is an elite group, which will compete in eisteddfods throughout the year. Students will be challenged with new harmonization techniques in a wide range of genres such as pop and musical theatre and will learn the importance of blending and stagecraft. This class will also be a part of all concerts and may be asked to perform at show group performances. Please note this class is for selected students only. New students may audition for this group.
Open vocal group: 13/o
Cost: $15.50 per 1-hour class


Group Drama

Drama is a great way for students to venture outside the box and discover new emotions and abilities. Students will learn different styles of drama and techniques as well as learn plays, monologues, skits and verse speaking. This class will be a part of all concert performances.
Sub Junior: 6-8 years
Cost: $12.00 per 30-minute class
Junior: 9-12 years
Cost: $14.00 per 45min class


Elite Drama

This group is for students that have previously studied drama and are looking to take their talent and skills to the next level. Students will be challenged throughout the year with different dramatic topics and will also compete in group and solo eisteddfods sections. Please note this class is by selection or audition only

Age: 8-12 years
Cost: $15.50per 1-hour class


Private Singing

With a contemporary approach to teaching students will be taught proper vocal techniques such as correct placement and breathing, range building and strengthening, pitch, vocal flexibility as well as allowing each student to progress into their own individual style. Students will also be taught different techniques for different genres as well as performance skills and audition preparation. Private vocal students are encouraged to participate in competitions throughout the year.
Private lessons are for ages 5/over
Kristy: $35.00 per 30min class, $50.00 per 45 min class, $65.00 per 1 hour class

Associate Teachers: $30.00 per 30min class, $45 per 45min class, $60.00 per 1hr class


Private Piano

Whether you’re looking to learn for fun or for a more intensive class students will now have the option to do AMEB grades and music theory. Students will be taught scale and chords, correct finger placement as well as learning a different variety of music pieces. Students must have a piano at home.
Age: 5/o
Cost: $30.00


Private guitar and drums

Private guitar and drum lessons are for beginner to advanced levels. Students will learn a wide variety of playing techniques for different genres as well as different chord progressions and music reading skills.
Students will need to have a guitar or drum kit at home to maximise class productivity Age: 5/o
Guitar: $29.00 per 30min class
Drums: $29.00 per 30-minute class


2020 packages


Ultimate Elite Package (NEW)

Want to do it all? Well this package will make that happen. Sing, act, perform and learn an instrument all in one spot. Challenge and inspire yourself with this incredible package.

Package includes

5 elite classes (classes may vary depending on age and class selection) Private singing 45 mins
Private guitar, piano or drums 30 mins
open vocal group
Elite Show group (Selected students only)
Elite Musical Theatre
Elite Drama
Private Drama 30 mins
Music Theory class
Price: $950.00 (save up to $500.00)

New students trial any class for FREE.


Sing & Act

normal price: $28.00 package price: $25.00 (excludes Elite drama)

Elite Discount Package-


Select 3 elite classes and receive 10% off!

(Elite drama company included in this offer)


Family Discount-

10% off