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Private Singing 


With a contemporary approach to teaching students will be taught proper vocal techniques  such as correct placement and breathing, range building and strengthening, pitch, vocal flexibility, how to access different areas of the voice, vocal health and safety , as well as allowing each student to progress into their own individual style. Students will also be taught different techniques for different genres as well as performance skills and audition preparation. Private vocal students are encouraged to participate in competitions and performances throughout the year.
Private lessons are for ages 5/o
Kristy: $35.00 per 30min class, $50.00 per 45 min class, $70.00 per 1 hour class Associate Teachers: $30.00 per 30min class, $45 per 45min class, $60.00 per 1hr class

Private Piano

Whether you’re looking to learn for fun or for a more intensive class students will now have the option to do AMEB grades and music theory. Students will be taught scale and chords, correct finger placement as well as learning a different variety of music pieces. Students must have a piano at home.
Age: 5/o
Cost: $35.00

Private Guitar and Drums

Private guitar and drum lessons are for beginner to advanced levels. Students will learn a wide variety of playing techniques for different genres as well as different chord progressions and music reading skills.
Students will need to have a guitar or drum kit at home to maximise class productivity Age: 5/o
Guitar: $35.00 per 30min class
Drums: $35.00 per 30-minute class


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